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Welcome to Selene's home on the web.
Hi! Welcome to my homepage. My name is Selene Spencer. I am originally from the United Kingdom. I was born on April 1981 in Paris. My mother is french and my father is English. My mother named me Selene because she wanted to impart a french aspect to my father's very british name Spencer. I have recently graduated in fashion design. I have always loved fashion for it's incredible culture and mix of ideas. I work part time as a model/actress. Since traveling between England, New York, Italy, ad France I have started learning new aspects of my character. I hope to have gained quite a bit of personal insight. Hopefully!
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Stay tuned as I continually update my website with new tech features.
That's me,
I beleive that everyone has their own beauty and no one has nothing beautiful inside or outside of them.

My Shopping addiction
Coming to New York can be a shopper's dream turned into a nightmare. When I first got here (As all my friends know)I was in ectasy with all the shopping options. But sad at my tiny expensy account. Lucky for me I found this website where I got everything half off. Seriously, this website is the best for getting discounts on products like CD'S, make-up, games, and practically anything you can think of. Bloody excellent if you ask me.
'>The Best Bargains

My favourite hollywood stars
Favourite Actress
Catherine Zeta Jones
Angelina Joli
Penelope Cruz
Cameron Diaz
Elizabeth Hurley

Favourite Actors
Freddy Prince JR
Tom Cruise
Bradd Pitt

I am so Happy! I finally got my page finished
Don't worry I will add another pic of me.
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